5 Factors That Make a Good Packaging Design


Packaging is one of the most important aspects of product design. It’s the first thing customers see and it can make or break a product. High-quality packaging design can attract customers and increase sales, while a poorly designed package can turn away potential customers and hurt sales.

There are hundreds of different ways to design a natural CPG product package, but the key is to keep it simple and make it memorable. Here are a few factors that distinguish a good packaging design from a not-so-good one:

Be Unique

Companies should avoid copying other designs and instead create unique packages for their new products to stand out in the marketplace. They need to find creative ways to make their packaging stand out from their competitors’ designs.

Uniqueness makes packages more recognizable and memorable. Make sure to avoid clutter. Many new packaging manufacturers use bright colors and elaborate designs to draw attention to their products, but this can actually turn consumers off. A package with too many colors, logos, and graphics can be distracting and confusing.

The Simplicity of the Design

Good packaging design should be simple and easy to understand. The package should be colorful, without too many graphics or elements, and the text should be easy to read. A simpler design makes people more likely to buy your product because they understand it quickly. It will also save you money on printing costs, as you won’t have to use as many colors or images to convey your message.

Functional Package

Good packaging design should also be functional. It should protect your product from damage and help it last longer on the shelf. If the packaging is well-designed, it’ll also make it easier to open and use your product. For example, if a consumer has to tear the packaging to remove it from the box, this probably won’t be a very user-friendly design.

Brand Awareness

Your product packaging should convey your brand’s identity and values so that customers remember you when they go to buy your products. The packaging design should convey this, for example, if your company’s logo is colorful, your packaging should be too. The more your customers know about your brand, the more likely they are to purchase your products repeatedly.

Package Should List the Benefits

Your packaging design should tell people about your product. It should be clear and simple and convey all of the relevant product details. For example, if your product is eco-friendly, you should list this on your packaging. You should also describe the product’s benefits and how it’ll make people’s lives better. This is especially helpful for new brands that are just getting started in the market.

Packaging design process

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