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Welcome to emerge Natural Sales Solutions - San Francisco!

emerge, a top-tier sales management solution in outsourcing, focuses on the natural food sales domain. Our primary goal is to aid natural CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) brands in broadening their market reach. We prioritize a fact-based storytelling method to underscore the significance of comprehending and handling product categories for achieving success.

Our team stands ready to assist, whether you’re a budding idea or a well-established brand gearing up for a launch. We offer comprehensive support, including marketing strategies, margin analysis, and CPG distribution solutions. This support is geared towards enabling your success in the highly competitive natural products industry.

Category Intelligence


At emerge, we believe in the power of storytelling backed by data to gain valuable insights into the market. Our category intelligence services allow you to make informed decisions. By analyzing market trends, consumer behavior, sales material, and competitor strategies, we identify opportunities for growth and improvement in your product category.

Business Development Outsourcing


Partner with emerge to find the best path to success for your natural CPG brand. Our business development outsourcing services are designed to connect you with the right partners and retailers, ensuring your products reach the target audience effectively. With our vast network and experience in the natural channel, we help you build strong relationships that drive sales and growth.

Financial Solutions for High-Salaried Hiring


Outsourcing your sales management needs with emerge provides an affordable alternative to high-salaried hiring. Our cost-effective approach ensures that you receive top-notch sales management services without the burden of extensive payroll costs. Focus on growing your brand while we handle the sales process efficiently.

Brand Story Integration


At emerge, we understand the importance of your brand’s story in connecting with consumers. Our team takes into consideration your brand’s values, mission, and identity to create a tailored sales strategy that resonates with your target audience. This ensures that your brand’s story remains consistent across all sales channels and interactions.

Finding the Right Broker Fit


Selecting the right CPG broker is crucial for the success of your natural CPG brand. emerge specializes in finding and managing the proper broker fit for your products in the San Francisco region.

Optimizing Regional and National Sales Management


Whether you are targeting local markets in San Francisco or aiming for national expansion, emerge has the expertise to guide you through the process. We identify the best points of entry and develop strategic plans for regional and national sales management, maximizing your brand’s growth potential.

emerge Natural Sales Solutions is your dedicated outsourcing sales management partner. Whether you need short-term management support or long-term strategic partnerships, we are committed to guiding your brand toward organic growth and fiscal responsibility in the competitive natural food sales industry.

Use our expert CPG broker services,broker consulting, and distribution solutions in San Francisco to elevate your brand’s sales, margins, and overall success. Let our experienced team take care of your sales management needs while you focus on building a thriving natural CPG brand. Contact us now and embark on a journey to achieve unprecedented growth and success in the dynamic natural products market!

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