CPG Marketing: How to Drive Sales In 3 Steps


CPG marketing allows brands to connect with their customers directly. A recent study demonstrates that packaged-goods marketers are investing more in digital advertising than other traditional forms of advertising.

To gain a competitive edge in the CPG industry, marketers and retailers must prioritize digital advertising efforts while staying connected with the changing digital consumption of consumers. Follow these steps to drive better sales in the CPG market.

Building Target Audience

Before presenting your product(s), the first step is identifying the right people – the target audience. For instance, when launching a new series of home technology products, segment people who are not just homeowners but also home improvement enthusiasts and early adopters of technology. This will further help you enhance and define your target audience.

You can also segment the ideal shoppers by combining media preferences, lifestyle and interests, demographic, and in-market characteristics. For this, you’ll need clear marketing goals.

Multi-Channel Campaign

With the proliferation of the digital world, consumers can be seen engaged on several devices and multiple online platforms. Having access to powerful data, CPG brands can identify the media preferences of their potential consumers and effectively reach out to them through their favorite platforms.

Brands engaging with their target audience via multi-channel campaigns have experienced incremental sales compared to campaigns on a single channel.

Check What’s Working and What Isn’t

The results of a campaign can only be determined once it has been delivered. CPG brands must identify and analyze the channels leading to the most sales and engagement. Moreover, track the audience who responded well and match the data to your marketing plan.

CPG marketing involves listening to customer responses and evaluating your product, message, and media outreach according to what worked and what failed. Understanding your customer base will allow you to engage the target audience and strengthen positive relationships between the brand and consumers.

Digital marketing experts

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