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So you have an idea for a food product that you think would sell like crazy! Let’s say it is a salsa recipe handed down from your great-grandmother, and when you make it, people love it! 

After all, it is salsa—the one thing that outsold ketchup!


This one time, you got an order from your friend Kate who wanted to actually pay you to make it for her party. 


 And you did! 


 Later that week, Kate’s friends from the party then messaged you asking if you were taking orders for more.


 And you are thrilled when you realize you want to do this. 


 In fact, you like doing it, so you say yes and take a few orders and deliver. The reviews are great, and your sales soar. 


Dreaming Bigger and creating your own CPG Brand:  

But now you are thinking bigger. When you walk past the salsa in the grocery store, you wonder if one day your own salsa—which by the way, is so much better than the brands available at the store—will be sitting there available to be purchased. 


 Maybe you could cover the tri-state area or perhaps the whole state. 


 That last thought stops you in your tracks. 


It is a big dream, and you don’t have any experience in sales or production to know how to get there, and you definitely don’t know anything about the category of salsa. 


So you chuck the idea aside and continue with your shopping. 


You need Category Intelligence to achieve your goal.


 But what if you didn’t have to?

What if you could have someone who has category intelligence and the expertise to help you go from a home-based salsa maker to an actually CPG brand?  


This is why we have category intelligence and consultants who can help you launch your dream brand. 


What is category intelligence? 


 Category intelligence is when a company has the expertise and knowledge about a certain category, like specific data and the trends within that industry. These also include market insights and expert-curated market intelligence to enhance visibility. 


Simply put, category intelligence about salsa would know everything about the buying habits of salsa consumers, salsa brands available, and the numbers (that means how much salsa is sold, how you should price and position your product) 


The result: you get to make the right decisions and land your product on shelves in grocery stores across America. 

How to gain access to category intelligence?


Category intelligence isn’t just something you can Google. It comes from years of experience working with brands in that category. Like Emerge Natural Sales Solution’s founder Jason Werner has 20 years of diverse category channel experience working alongside brands from start-ups to category leaders, including the premium HPP juice category, vitamin/supplements, natural cleaning and HABA, and Chinese herbal supplements.


We offer consultation and sales management to emerging CPG Brands. Our category intelligence has led many CPG brands to achieve their dreams because we understand the business, from trade show expertise to budget management.

To book a consultation, visit our website or give us a call today.

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