How to Attract Customers to Your Grocery Store


Is there really any way to know what your customer is thinking and what they want?

If you run a grocery store, you probably notice some fluctuations in sales based on the season. Christmas season and the coffee, eggnog, and dessert section of your grocery store need more restocking.

And over the years, the numbers show a pattern, so you follow the pattern. And the sales remain the same. Good, but not so great!

But now you want to attract new customers to your grocery store. Here are a few suggestions we have for you that can make the magic happen- Christmas or otherwise.

1. Increase footfall by having promotions and hosting events.

Grocery shopping can get boring and turn into a real task every month. Add some promotions and food tasting now and then—market events based on your consumer’s interest.

For example, if you have a lot of parents shopping at your store, have a promotional week on baby products.

If they prefer organic foods, have mini stalls of CPG products that are organic.

Have a mini-festival and make your store feel like more of a party and less of a chore.

2. Make the experience easy for your customers

Many people want to shop but do not have the time. Imagine taking a sleeping baby out of its car seat just to grab a few eggs and diaper bags. Offering to take orders online and having the option of store pick up can make the process less time-consuming for them and you.


3. Allow them to save

Many customers are price sensitive. Have a website up and add the feature that allows them to price match online.

Make their life easier by also letting them check what inventory is in store. Customers hate the idea of walking into the store only to find out that stare doesn’t carry their variant.


4. Offer new CPG products

Customers love to try new products. If you can find and provide an organic product or a food item that is homegrown and pesticides free, you will notice your customers will be willing to shop more at your store because of that product.

If your customers prefer organic products, have a section up front for CPG products.

At Emerge Natural Sales Solution, we have over 20 years of diverse category channel experience.

We have worked with brands from start-ups as well as category leaders, so get in touch with us to that we can help you increase your sales and attract customers to your grocery store. To learn more about the categories we have worked in, which include HPP juice, vitamin/supplements, natural cleaning, and HABA, as well as Chinese herbal supplements, schedule a consultation with us.

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