How To Choose The Best Distributor For Your Natural CPG


Securing a distributor for your CPG is one of the most important aspects of starting a business. Finding the right CPG distributor comes after you’ve developed a product concept, designed packaging, determined a pricing point, established a social media presence, developed a marketing strategy, and calculated initial supply and demand. So, how do you go about it??

In this blog, with the guidance of our natural food & beverage consulting experts, we’ll go over everything a CPG business needs to know before approaching a distributor for a streamlined natural CPG distribution.

Google It!

Google searches have become the standard starting point for most activities nowadays. Research the many distribution firms available to choose one that seems like a suitable fit for your needs. Make a list of the most important requirements for a distributor before you begin your search.

Do you like to collaborate with a larger organization that may be able to offer you better pricing structures or a smaller one that places a premium on customer satisfaction? Are you trying to sell something that caters to a certain niche? Do you have a code of conduct for your company that you want your distributor to share?

Make a note of all the firms that seem like a good fit for your business while you browse the web for them, and investigate them one by one.

Get The Word Out

Now that you have a shortlist, it’s time to spread the news. Get the word out and see if anyone in the field can recommend a reliable distributor.

In most cases, a reference from another business is the best indicator of whether or not a given vendor would be a suitable fit. What’s more, if you can find out which natural distributors your rivals are working with, you can be assured that they are familiar with your product line.

Don’t Hold Back

Ask any and all questions that have been worrying you about the distributors you have on your shortlist. This is a major move for your company, and you should have access to all possible knowledge before making a final choice.

Work On Refining Your Sales Pitch

Okay, so you’ve done some research and found a couple of fantastic natural distributors with whom you’d be happy to partner. Let the game-changing pitching begin!

Taking shortcuts here would be a mistake. A distributor’s curiosity should be piqued by your pitch, highlighting your product’s benefits. What makes yours unique if there are a million other products on the market? When compared to the competition, what makes your brand superior? Why do you think your goods will sell like hotcakes?

It’s fine to make many pitches to different distributors as long as you take the time to establish rapport with each one. In addition to getting their feedback on your CPG, you can also ensure they have the industry experience to push your product to the next level.

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emerge Natural Sales Solutions, led by the skilled Jason Werner, assists CPG firms in business growth, business sales management services, organic products consulting services, and more. When you hire our natural products consultants, you’ll be able to find the best distributors for natural CPG distribution and learn how to use data-driven narratives to craft effective marketing campaigns.

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