How to Create a Stellar CPG Product Launch Strategy in 3 Simple Steps


Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh once said, ‘great things are done by a series of small things brought together’—and that’s precisely what a successful CPG product launch strategy is all about!

 No matter what stage of the brand lifecycle you’re at, if you follow the three steps in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to launching CPG products successfully.

Read on to find out what they are!

1. Perfect What’s In the Box

It might sound too obvious to perfect what’s in a CPG product before launching it, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to do this!

Whether you’re working on a proprietary recipe for an organic breakfast bar or releasing a line of revolutionary herbal skincare products, it’s vital to perfect the recipe before launching the product.

Ask yourself—have you asked potential customers to test a prototype? Have you incorporated customer feedback into your product revisions? Are the product’s ingredients suitable for the target audience? The answers to these questions will help you master this step.

2. Perfect What’s On the Box

Now that you’ve confirmed what goes into your product, it’s time to perfect what goes on the box. This is where a Natural Specialty Products Consulting Agency comes into the picture!

They’ll ensure your products comply with state/federal laws regarding things like organic product labeling. They’ll also help you tell a compelling story through your product’s packaging and ensure it has working UPCs.

3. Choose the Right Distribution Channels

The third step to creating an epic CPG product launch strategy is to select the right distribution channels. This might seem straightforward, but there are numerous factors to consider. For instance, if you use a digital channel like Amazon, your products might not take off if they end up being listed alongside well-known competitors on a page that encourages brand comparisons.

On the other hand, if you use a physical distribution channel like a pharmacy, whether the product launch is successful depends on factors like what aisle the product features in and which shelf it’s on.

Given how many factors there are to consider, we recommend speaking with a CPG and natural products sales outsourcing agency for advice. They’ll help you select distribution channels that match your brand ethos and give your product the best chance at launching successfully.

Emerge Natural Sales Solutions Has Helped Countless Customers Successfully Launch Natural CPG Products

Imagine working with a Best CPG consulting company that’s committed to helping you perfect what’s in the box, on the box, and form an effective distribution strategy. That’s what we’re all about at Emerge Natural Sales Solutions!

We’ve helped countless clients develop compelling stories and ideal packaging to maximize the probability of a successful CPG product launch. We also provide comprehensive post-launch sales management solutions, including the use of advanced sales forecasting/measurement metrics to increase the odds of success.

Contact us now to get experts to help you create a solid CPG product launch strategy!

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