Signs You Need a New Retailer for Your Organic Brand


All retailers need to be proactive and vigilant when it comes to running their stores. However, if your retailer isn’t performing up to par, it can spell trouble for your organic CPG brand. Problems can start appearing out of nowhere and lead to disastrous consequences if ignored for too long.

Thus, it is vital to know the warning signs that you need a new retailer for your organic brand. You must stay on top of every issue in your store and focus on your retailer’s performance. Here are some signs you should look out for.

A Decline in Store Traffic

If you witness a decline in daily store traffic by even a few percent, it means there’s something wrong. Although the seasonal decline is acceptable and understandable, a consistent decline is alarming and shows it’s time for a new retailer. This can also adversely affect your sales and customer base. Therefore, looking for a new retailer for your organic brand is vital if you notice a constant decline in sales.

Frequent Inventory Issues

Another potential hurdle that can tarnish the reputation of your organic brand is inventory issues. If your hottest-selling products are always out of stock or there have been storage issues and inventory miscalculations, you need a new retailer.

Handling inventory is one of the most important aspects of running a retail store. So, if your retailer fails to perform, you must replace them as soon as possible to minimize the negative impact on your brand.

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Reduction in Order Value

A reduction in order value might mean your brand is failing to resonate with customers. They can turn to a competitor at any time and are not buying enough items. Thus, you need to focus more on your branding efforts and replace your current retailer with one that has mastered the art of suggestive selling and building customer loyalty.

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