The Impact of Consumer Demand on the Natural CPG Marketplace


In recent years, there has been a significant impact of consumer demand on the natural CPG marketplace. Consumers are increasingly seeking healthier and more sustainable products, driving changes in the industry.

In this blog, we will discuss the top three impacts of consumer demand in the natural CPG marketplace and how brands can adapt to stay competitive.

Shift to Healthier and Sustainable Products

Consumer demand in natural CPG, including the demand for healthier and sustainable products, has significantly impacted the natural CPG marketplace. More and more consumers are looking for products that are not only healthy but also environmentally friendly.

This has led to a shift in the products offered by natural CPG companies, with many focusing on plant-based, organic, and non-GMO products. Companies also invest in sustainable packaging and environmentally friendly production methods to meet consumer demands.

The shift towards healthier and sustainable products has impacted product development and led to changes in marketing strategies and pricing. Brands are emphasizing the health and sustainability benefits of their products to appeal to conscious consumers.

Increase in E-Commerce Sales

The increase in e-commerce has significantly impacted the natural CPG marketplace, as more consumers opt to shop online for convenience and accessibility. This trend has opened opportunities for natural CPG brands to reach consumers beyond traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

However, there are also challenges, such as creating effective digital marketing strategies and navigating the complexities of online marketplaces. Also, shipping and handling costs can be high, especially for products requiring refrigeration or careful handling.

Despite these challenges, the benefits of e-commerce for natural CPG brands are significant, including increased reach, lower overhead costs, and the ability to gather valuable consumer data.

As e-commerce grows, natural CPG brands must adapt to this changing landscape and work with experienced natural products consulting agencies like emerge Natural Sales Solutions to maximize their success in the digital marketplace.

Need for Transparency and Authenticity

Consumer demand for transparency and authenticity drives companies in the natural CPG marketplace to prioritize ethical and sustainable practices. Consumers increasingly seek clear labeling and information about ingredient sourcing to make informed choices about the products they buy.

Companies that fail to provide this information risk losing customers to more transparent competitors. Natural CPG companies must prioritize clear labeling and ingredient sourcing to meet the growing demand for transparency and authenticity.

This includes being transparent about the origin and quality of ingredients, as well as any certifications or ethical sourcing initiatives. Companies that can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices are more likely to earn the trust and loyalty of consumers.

Working with a natural foods sales consulting company can help companies navigate the complexities of ethical sourcing and develop effective strategies for meeting consumer demands.

Our Final Thoughts

In conclusion, consumer demand in natural CPG significantly impacts the natural CPG marketplace, affecting everything from product development to sales strategy. As a CPG & natural products sales outsourcing agency, we know that paying attention to these impacts and adjusting your approach accordingly is important.

At emerge Natural Sales Solutions, we can help you stay competitive in the market by providing expert guidance and support. Contact us for natural CPG brands consulting solutions today to learn more about our consulting services and how we can help your business thrive.

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