The Top Emerging CPG Brands to Watch in 2023


Topping the market consistently in natural foods sales is no easy feat. In a market sector flooded with options, brands must choose the best CPG consulting companies to work with to stand out from their competitors and breed brand loyalty. Check out this blog post by emerge that details how to get packaging right.

Our Natural food & beverage consulting experts know how to identify a target audience and then work to make the customer experience flawless. With an emphasis on working with the brand story, they help creators of natural products and specialty food find their place within a vast market. It’s all in the strategy and the data analytics.

There are some companies who’ve managed to push ahead by treating each production process, from raw materials to delivery, as equally important. Take a note from them if you’d like to see your brand find its way to becoming a market leader:


This company creates pure and fresh olive oil from select olives that are only grown in Tunisia, the founder’s home. This is an excellent example of a compelling brand story. Damya truly adds something to the community. Not only are they Biodynamic® certified (their products are organic and sustainable), but because their core philosophy is present in every link of the production chain.

With sleek glass containers and a website that explains how to use each oil, they’re bottling culture, good health, and high standards.

Vital Juice Co.

It doesn’t get more natural and organic than fresh-pressed juice. Their blog comprehensively outlines how each ingredient benefits the human body, evidencing the fact that their natural products are more than nutritious. They’re mindfully blended to support good health. With transparent, recyclable bottles, they’ve kept the production of natural consumer packaged goods cost-effective and custom-made to support their target market.


In these airtight and graphically illustrated bottles come Chinese herbal remedies and a lot of history. With all their certifications and quality assurances, they show consumers that while the thoughts and practices behind these remedies are ancient and respected, they’re fully in line with modern-day regulations.

By focusing on their CPG sales and management services, they’ve built a solid reputation. Having started as a small herbal store, they now hold seminars and tradeshows to raise awareness and appreciation for the value of Chinese medicines. It’s apparent from this company’s rapid progression that they’ve remained aligned with its mission statement of sharing healing practices with the world at large.

Amidst the growing number of natural CPG brands, it can seem like the priority should always be to sell more and spend less, but to do that sustainably takes strategy. Natural consumer products consulting firms find that by making sure that the business model is as specialized as the product.

All of the above-listed companies have intriguing products, but they each have tons of competition. In the natural food business, many find it tough to stay afloat, which is why working with purpose and serving the consumer at every stage of production is the way to succeed.

If you’d like your company to have a sales boost, work with our team at emerge, an Natural Specialty Products Consulting Agency that’s helped many partners by highlighting what makes them special. Get in touch with us by filling out this form.

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