Understanding Consumer Trends: Natural vs Synthetic Products


As modern consumers, many of us are thinking about what’s in the products we buy. Some of us lean towards natural goods, while others prefer the ease of synthetic ones.

At emerge Natural Sales Solutions, we understand these consumer trends and offer natural CPG brand consulting solutions. We are a natural product consulting agency that provides top-notch sales management solutions for CPG brands.

Discovering what’s hot in the market involves understanding how consumers are leaning toward products that match their wellness goals and environmental values. Let’s unravel these trends and explore the pathways to success for your brand.

Consumer Trends Between Natural And Synthetic Products

1. Conscious Consumerism:

Consumers increasingly make choices aligned with health and environmental values. There is a preference for products that reflect ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible practices.

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2. Natural Wellness:

Growing awareness of the connection between natural products and holistic well-being. They demand for organic, plant-based, and minimally processed ingredients.

3. Synthetic Convenience:

Some consumers prioritize synthetic products for their stability, consistency, and often lower price points. Convenience and extended shelf life contribute to the appeal of synthetic alternatives.

4. Environmental Impact:

Eco-conscious consumers opt for natural products with sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact. Preference for biodegradable packaging and responsibly sourced materials.

5. Ingredient Transparency:

Consumers seek clear ingredient lists, driving the popularity of natural products. The desire for a deeper understanding of the components used in the products they choose.

6. Brand Values:

Consumers align with brands that share their values, including ethical practices, cruelty-free production, and community engagement. Brand loyalty is driven by shared ideals beyond the product itself.

7. Clean Beauty Shift:

Beauty and personal care trends shift towards clean beauty, emphasizing natural, non-toxic ingredients. Increasing awareness of the potential health impacts of synthetic beauty products.

8. Hybrid Products:

Demand for transitional products combining natural and synthetic elements. Catering to consumers in a transitional phase, not fully committed to either natural or synthetic options.

9. Education and Awareness:

Consumers actively seek knowledge to make informed decisions. Informed consumer choices are driven by brands providing transparent information about sourcing, production, and values.

10. Dynamic Future:

Anticipation of a diverse market where brands strike a balance between natural and synthetic offerings. The recognition that consumer preferences are evolving requires brands to adapt to changing trends.

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