Understanding the Functions, Objectives, and Processes of a Sales Management Team


Businesses are continuously striving to enhance their sales figures, expand their operations, and increase their revenue margins. To achieve these objectives, many businesses formulate or outsource sales management teams that assist them in achieving or exceeding target sales and retaining existing customers. To understand how a business achieves sales targets and completes the sales cycle, it’s important to understand the functions, objectives, and processes of sales management teams.

What is Sales Management?

Sales management is in charge of a company’s sales department and the way its products or services are sold. A sales team’s primary responsibility is to plan and implement a selling campaign that assists the organization in meeting sales predictions and revenue targets. The basic functions of this team include designing, implementing, and controlling sales programs, as well as recruiting, training, motivating, and evaluating sales force members.

Objectives of Sales Management Teams

The main objective of any sales management team is to increase the sales volume of a business. There are other short-term targets and long-term goals attached to increased sales, such as making higher revenues, horizontal and vertical expansion of a business, as well as creating a good market reputation. The sales management doesn’t only focus on “pushing out” inventory to increase sales; it builds strategies to gain customer trust, retain existing customers, and use word-of-mouth and referral marketing to increase the consumer base.

Sales Projections and Analysis

Functions and Processes of Sales Management Teams

In general, there are three main aspects of sales management:

· Sales strategy – creating short-term and long-term sales goals

· Sales operations – working on sales plans to achieve target sales

· Sales analysis – analyzing the sales in specific time durations to track performance and make future projections

The practical implementation of these three aspects is done through various functions and processes. Here are the main functions of sales management teams:

Setting Sales Targets: Sales management teams are responsible for creating realistic and achievable sales goals that can positively impact the company’s annual revenues. Creating the right goals and selecting realistic targets hold great importance in any business, and this is where emerge‘s CPG business sales management services can help you. Our professional sales management teams analyze market demands, distribution networks, inventory capacities, and replenishment time to create sales strategies and goals to increase customer reach, improve sales, and minimize operational costs of distribution and sales returns.

Identifying Leads: Sales management teams ensure to provide maximum support and information to potential customers who inquire about your products.

Performance Monitoring: Getting sales information back from the end-point salespersons helps sales management teams to evaluate the performance of staff as well as the brand.

Analysis: The performance reports, sales volume, and new customers’ data help sales management teams analyze sales performance, identify gaps, and make decisions.

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