What are the Benefits of Sales Outsourcing in the CPG Industry?


Sales outsourcing allows you to benefit from untapped opportunities through an outsourcing partnership by leveraging additional salespeople. As focus, speed, and scalability are essential factors to consider in the CPG industry, outsourcing sales helps companies drive revenue effectively and quickly.

It can also provide CPG industry-specific expertise, help you support new products, and target new markets. This guide will discuss the benefits of sales outsourcing for CPG brands.   

Scaling The Business Faster

Sales outsourcing can help drive sales for a CPG brand. A team specializing in customer and data analytics will provide an extensive outreach that CPG companies can’t accomplish independently.

According to research, 79% of CPG brands use sales outsourcing services because they can scale faster. Moreover, 78% of decision-makers have attended an event or taken an appointment to a cold call or email received about sales outsourcing.


Targeting Underserved or New Markets

Whether you’re running a small business or an enterprise company, CPG brands are often stretched while having enough salespeople for different territories. Moreover, companies generally having several business leads available cannot pursue them because of resource constraints.

An outsourced sales agency can help create a long-term market strategy by focusing on developing specific geographic markets. An outsourced sales team also allows companies to test recent approaches to product positioning and sales. That’s how speech analytics and advanced sales analytics can help improve your marketing before it’s extended to a wide customer base and prospects.


Supporting a New Service or Product

One benefit of outsourcing sales is testing new promotions and campaigns. For instance, a CPG company can partner with an outsourcing sales team to reach out to customers and prospects about a new product. The company can then assess the feedback and results before deciding whether to make revisions or launch the new product.   

Consider working with an outsourced sales team if you need help scaling your business and executing a strategic growth plan. As a leading Natural foods sales company, emerge is dedicated to assisting consumer packaged goods companies improve their sales. Our sales outsourcing agency comprises highly experienced and qualified natural consumer packaged goods consultants to help companies at every step of the way.

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