What You Need to Know About CPG Marketing Online


Online marketing is an effective form of CPG marketing that has a more predictable impact in retail and offers an opportunity to develop direct relationships with consumers. Consumer priorities in health and safety have condensed many years of e-commerce growth into a few months. This massive shift to digitalization has promoted online marketing strategies while supporting sustainable business growth for CPG brands.

Here’s your guide on effective online marketing for CPG brands.


Personalization is crucial for successful online marketing for CPG brands. For example, 70% of brands use online product quizzes to personalize the customer experience. Other personalization tactics help consumers select products that meet their demands, leading to long-term loyalty.

Contextual targeting is another tactic in digital marketing that focuses on content instead of user data to approach the right target audience. When your brand’s ads match the consumer’s content while browsing, they feel more personalized and natural.

Tips for Developing the Right Online Marketing Strategy

Since consumer shopping behavior changes rapidly, ensure your online marketing strategy is fresh by using transactional data to reach out to lapsed or new buyers.

The next step is segmenting your audience for optimization and personalization. Once you break down your audience into different campaigns, optimize the key performance indicators, including sales lift or brand awareness.

Future Considerations

With product discovery and shopping moving to online platforms, the digital space is more likely to become competitive. This shift to e-commerce trends has developed the need for effective digital marketing strategies that personally interact with consumers.

Online CPG marketers aim to communicate with consumers as they browse online directly. So your CPG brand must have a strong coherent digital strategy and an online presence to remain competitive in a crowded space.

CPG business consultants

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